A visit down south (even further than our current placement) gave me a tiny glimpse of my past and a possibility for the future.  The warmth of a home filled with several generations is something to envy.  While getting older can be somewhat frightening, to have the assistance and love from your children and their children and their children’s children certainly must ease the transition.  My Nana and Papa get to enjoy a house full of laughter and a place where I promise you there is a never ever a dull moment.

Oh, Miles was quite fond of his Papa (not to be mistaken with Pop Pop).  There were several rides on his walker and endless hugs and kisses.  I believe that little boy of mine surely tired old Papa out, and most certainly put a smile on his face.

For me, I got to reminisce about the crafting Nana and I would do (surely where my gene came from).  Nana and I would spend hours quilting tiny pillows, painting wooden cutouts, sewing odds and ends, and generally having quite a bit of fun in the cozy comfort of her finished basement.  Now nana deep into her eighties can claim mastery of so many traditional crafts.  As she likes to say, “You name the craft and I have done it”.  And I assure you she is not fibbing.  I look about her room and I see stacks of hand sewn quilts, oriental rugs, wall hangings, embroidered napkins, tatted doilies, and everything in between.  She is the envy of crafters far and wide I am sure.

Our trip home included the addition of a Babcia, a Pop Pop, a couch, a china cabinet, a dresser, kitchen utensils, dishes, and my most prized possession as of yet: a large bin full of patterns.  It’s contents include envelopes with detailed notes on each craft, scraps of fabric indicating what worked and what did not, newspaper clippings with columns of knitting patterns from long ago, and essentially everything that pleases me.  I cannot wait to find a slice of time to sit down and take out each piece, one at a time and envision that wonderful woman I love so much creating another wonderful piece.  We are kindred spirits my Nana and me.  Our tendency to worry, our need to create, and our ability to always find a reason to smile are proof that we are blood.

I love you Nana.  Thank you for all that you are.

2 thoughts on “roots

  1. So lovely. You are one lucky girl to have these two in your life and for your boys. I often think of what my Nana and I would do together now that I can fully appreciate her and envy all her talents.

  2. Aw, I really love this post, Mariah. It is very much the reason my family and I have come back here to the “southland.” Its important to me that my children get to know all their grandparents…and they are all within reasonable driving distance from Savannah. I also don’t want to miss these years with my parents and parents-in-law. I’m driving to NC by myself in about 2 weeks to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday. Can’t do that living in Seattle!

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