a baby!

So we have put a hold on the chickens… for now.  You see our chicken connection has had a very real tragedy occur and is out of touch at the moment.  We decided not to take another route for the time being due to impending moves… and well… another baby.

The puppy variety that is!  introducing Ms. Cloud!  Thanks can be given to Miles for the unique name choice…

While I am indeed quite overwhelmed (between my two human babies and our little girl dog there are so many bodily functions to tend to) and a teensy bit worried (what we guess to be her breed is certainly not our first choice) she has been a splendid addition.  We really had no choice in the matter.  She was literally delivered to our door.  The joys of country living I suppose.  Regardless, she has been so sweet and fun.  Puppies!  What could be cuter?

Well, other than Rowan.  (Miles too of course, I just couldn’t resist this picture!)

Besides, we now have a use for our coop!  

One thought on “a baby!

  1. Enjoy the puppy! We had two dogs already when we had our daughter. One of our dogs in a Newfoundland. The newf and the daughter love each other so much.

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