managing three

With another little baby running around (of the canine variety), our house is more full of energy than ever before.  I have heard puppies are some of the more difficult pets to handle.  Much more time-consuming than a farm animal such as a goat or a chicken.  Thank goodness.  That would definitely alter my future hopes and dreams dramatically.  This weekend was filled with several new teeth (for all three) a few long and very needed naps, drives around hopeful neighborhoods we would like to buy in (no luck yet), and one serene morning at one of the most beautiful city parks in the country.  With my other half to assist, really anything seems possible.  So with that we loaded up Cloud, Rowan and Miles in the old wagon and headed to the farmers market.  And you know, it wasn’t even bad.  Cloud was the hit of the  day.  (It’s amazing how quickly even babies fade into the background when there is a puppy near by.)  She was so well-behaved and a trooper in the car.  Could it be that I am envisioning the possibility of having another human child?  No.  Not to worry that I am not.  At least not now.  Having two so cozy close in age is quite daunting now that I know the undertaking is so very real.  It is not for the faint of heart.  Or for anyone who enjoys sleeping.  Or eating their meals sitting down.  Or going to the bathroom alone.  Or….you get the point.  Needless to say, we strolled around the park quite comfortably and even enjoyed a restaurant meal together. This is something that happens so rarely around here I must admit.  A few months back we took our boys out to eat where we noticed Miles was looking around with utter confusion on his face.  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he finally made clear his confusion by asking if  “all these people are eating supper?”.  I suppose I can see how odd a restaurant would look to someone from another planet, which is essentially the same view a two-year old has.  Kind of.

I hope your weekend was peaceful and joyous and the coming week is the same.  

Happy Monday

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