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Oh somehow those savannah bugs have all but disappeared for the last few weeks.  I am surely jinxing this fantastic luck by admitting to this amazing phenomenon but I cant help but rejoice!  With the absence of bugs we have been outdoors at all hours for many/most of them.  Todays adventures included but were certainly not limited to…

the discovery of a giant blackberry patch (The lesson here patience  waiting for the red and green berries to turn black could be Miles most challenging experience as of yet)

harvesting a bit of spider wort

tasting the sweetness of a few dozen honeysuckle blossoms…

making chains of wildflowers of all sorts… 

spotting caterpillars and of course carrying on full length conversations with them (what else do you do with such fuzzy critters?)

examining the fig tree for any signs of ripening (not yet!)

and discussing the bummer that is a biennially fruiting pecan tree and knowing its the other in the every other year…

another beautiful day with some beautiful babies

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