when you wake up in the morning and its a quarter to one…

You brush your teeth!  Oh Raffi…. We were good friends once.  But, I will say this song always confused me.  Why oh why would anyone brush their teeth every hour of the night?  I know not the answer to that one, but I will say this catchy little tune once got my very wary 18 month old to let me brush his teeth.

You see, I thought perhaps it was high time I talked about something of utmost importance.  Toothpaste!  

We made the switch sometime ago to a baking soda/sea salt/spearmint oil mixture.  (That would be a mason jar of soda, 1 tsp. sea salt, 5 drops or so of spearmint oil mix)  Oh at first it felt a little bit like swishing around the ocean (not that I minded this) and the salt takes a bit of getting use to, but after a few nights it was like nothing else!  Minus the littlest ones in our family we find it quite refreshing.  Some may call it unsanitary, but we simply get our brush wet and then dip it into the mix.  Every few nights I give the jar a good shaking to remix all the ingredients.  This seems to work out just fine.  Besides eliminating any possibly carcinogenic ingredients, nasty and unneccessary dyes, and/or skin irritating compounds you will save quite a chunk of change over the long haul!  And I am a cheap skate!  So, this is just the thing for me.

Besides the ever so interesting topic of toothpaste, I thought I might share a little collage me and the bigger little man put together yesterday.  It is pretty fancy I must say.  Who says boys don’t like butterfly’s and glitter?  This little boy sure does.  “Oh how about this beautiful one mama?  Oh!  This one is sooooo nice!!  Let me glue this one riiight here!  I can paint it on for you!  Oh mama, this is GLITTER?!?!?!”

Oh yes, a little modge podge, a cut up poster, and an old flower book equals quite the afternoon.  And of course, quite the mess.  Anything for the sake of art right?

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