weekend edition

In between dramatic flipping and flopping of anxious hearts (our first offer on our first house was put out there), we managed to do oh so many wonderful things this weekend.  It was a busy one, but busy with joyous events.  The only doing that I truly wish I had photos of that are missing is my awesome adventure at Hoop there it is!  Well, well, well looks like I am not so matronly after all!  I was hula hooping crazy tricks and stunts with the best of them.  I even bruised my hand which clearly shows how “intense” this “sport” truly is.  Oh yes, letting go, just being playful and silly for two hours on a saturday afternoon was just what the doctor ordered.

In addition to my hooping expedition, we zested…

and indulged in lovely lemon loaf

We frolicked in many-a- fantastic parks (4 to be exact) getting good and dirty,

squeezed in a well deserved rest

enjoyed some neccessary washing after said dirtying (honestly dirt caked boys and animals alike)

had some evening excitement under a full moons light

settled in for a few classics

and oh yes… had a few (with more to come I am sure) restless nights hoping and praying to make this place here a spot to let our boys roam and our family grow.

We know the memories would be grand if this were to pan out, but also are believers in the gray area which is fate.  Home is where the heart is.  It certainly cannot depend solely on where the deal is, or where the barn is, or the grand front porch is, or the amazing workshop is, right?  One way or another, the coming weeks will either be filled with great excitement and lots of hard work or a touch of sadness, disappointment and heading back to the drawing board.

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