feeling loomy

Something out of nothing.  Yet another piece of goose bump inducing advice from a sweet little children’s book borrowed from that giant bookshelf in the city.  I find that every third week (when I decide the trek is necessary and of course…to avoid those late fees) we manage to randomly grab a few utterly fantastic books.  In between games of tag through the isles (absolutely love those…) and scrambling to keep track of a fast crawling baby we somehow have a glimmer of success.  This past trip was highlighted with Joseph had a little overcoat.  This beautifully illustrated story tells the tale of a tattered coats journey from jacket to button being recycled mended and loved the whole way through.

I often find bits and pieces around the house that make for a new-old toy.  Or even a better, a new-old project such as our little looms.  A few weeks back I attended a weaving class and I was finally able to test out my memory of the events through a little over under over under lesson with my Miles.  A stitch holder as a shuttle, cardboard and some yarn are all the tools needed to complete this creation.  I had a little box with a photo of the late and great Mr. Marley I gave a few snips to to create the loom.  Not much instruction is needed just a lot of side by side guidance and modeling.  After a few rows my little smarty managed to get the hang of it for the most part.  And what a pleasant surprise to hear, “Mama my going to weave now.”  Music to my ears.  Oh yes, it seems I have a little fiber artist in the making.

a weaving diorama…. see? something out of nothing! 

feeling loomy

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