love is always good.

North Carolina OKs constitutional same-sex marriage ban

It is too early to feel so shaky and fired up.  Too early to feel so much confusion and sadness.  But alas, the social media beast has delivered me the disappointing news that occurred in our northern neighbor.  Oh, I know many tried to stop the madness that is amendment one.  But, when I saw those posts singing praise that love can sometimes be wrong my fists clenched.  My heart picked up the pace.  All of the sudden my once sleepy eyes became alert.  While no, I did not participate in a full-blown public typing argument, I decided to do just this instead:

When my little man awoke we had a discussion over a cup of joe and milk respectively.  I did the best job I could to describe in laments terms about gay marriage.  It went something like this:

Me- Miles, I want to tell you something really cool and important.

Miles- Yeah?

Me- Ok, you know how mommy and daddy are in love?  And we are married?

Miles- yeah!  you had a wedding!

Me- Right.  Well, sometimes a mommy and a mommy can be in love too!  Or a daddy and a daddy!  

(You see, all animals, insects, people, and pets are mommys and daddys as opposed to male and female.  I can’t convince him otherwise. So, this was my best reasoning point.)

Miles- yeah!

Me- So what do you think about that?

Miles- I don’t care.

Me- Exactly!  Love can not ever be bad little man.  It always always good.

Miles- My love you!

Me- Except here is the thing.  Some people think that it is bad.  Some people think that a mommy and a mommy or a daddy and daddy should not fall in love and get married.  

Miles-Why? Why do they do that?

Me- because it scares them.  But, they are wrong.  It is not scary one bit.  It is only good.

Miles- ok.  My know this.  Daddy already told me.  Want to play with me?


(Well, well, he beat me to the punch!  One point for daddy.  So, proud!)

I figure, I can’t stop what has happened.  My voice means little to nothing.  Honestly, hardly anyone reads this blog, and probably even less will now, so even this outlet will amount to little change as well.  But, if I can inform my boys of the truth then I am doing the right thing.  The next generation will know that this is wrong.  That there is no way around it; love is good.  I will in grain this love into their little souls.  


7 thoughts on “love is always good.

  1. I read this blog. And damn it, now you’re going to have to post some uber cute pics of your boys because I’m crying.

  2. So glad to know someone else is raising their kids to love and respect ALL people and to recognize that everyone deserves the same rights. there is nothing more upsetting and maddening to me than to watch a whole segment of people, who really just want to love each other, have their hearts publically stomped on and LEGALLY ripped apart. you’re a good egg Mariah. xo.

  3. It is AWESOME that “daddy already told me”. That warms my heart. One of the most powerful things we can do is raise children that respect everyone- although it doesn’t seem it at the time, our kids are really the only thing we can control. Who knows maybe (despite my best efforts) my kids will grow up to be staunch republicans, but dammit- they are going to be nice ones!! It must be SO weird living in the south. It’s hard enough living in AZ, but as you know, Flagstaff isn’t ‘really’ AZ.. 🙂

  4. as always mariah you make me proud to be your mom and ever so proud of the pure hearts you two are raising.

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