a lady just waiting (and waiting… and waiting…)

I dread the possibility of having to sit down in this very same place in the near future and deliver the sad news that we did not receive the house we have been vying for.  This is not to say we won’t be cozying in either.  I just can’t help but think that yes, that is a very real possibility and I must be prepared.

Regardless, the waiting has been more nagging than the last weeks of pregnancy.  (At least I think it has… but you know how those things fade from our memories oh so quickly)  I find myself obsessively looking at my phone and constantly berating my dear husband while he is hard at work.  Or supposed to be.  That is until I call him and say something along the lines of, “So.  I found this giant bug.  Sort of looked like a scorpion but with no pinching claws.” or “Oh man.  There was a painted bunting at our feeder!” or even as pathetic as, “Ummm….   so…. Where did you put Miles doctor toys?”.  Yes, I have harassed and contrived mini conversations with everyone I can get a hold of just to keep my mind off the impending bankers decision to be made.

In addition to my phone calling madness, with the heat at a minimum this week, and the bugs about the same, the littlest boys and I have been able to spend hours on end outside doing what we do.  Having to stay close to home in case of emergency banker email or quick initial and scan we had to stick around the home front a tiny bit more than often.

a couple of rainstorms

some “spray paint”  (and oh my!  If looks could kill!)  

a week where even lentils were exciting.  well, lentils that turned out to be split peas… but thats another story altogether

and a whole bunch of lazing around

The week’s end may bring us some peace of mind.  Or it may not be until the start of next.  At any rate, these sweet faces are still mine-all-mine no matter the outcome, and there is nothing wrong with that.  

3 thoughts on “a lady just waiting (and waiting… and waiting…)

  1. I know the feeling & its terrible! I did it with this house the last month of being pregnant.. NO FUN. I’m still sending good thoughts (as banks can take forever),but if it doesn’t work out- it’s only b/c there is an even more amazing house on the horizon! And your kids are almost too cute.. the need to be in movies or something..

  2. Wishing you all the best with the house…. I love the photos, especially the one with “the look” 🙂
    Thank you for commenting over at my place.
    You have a lovely blog.

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