a quick glimpse

a glimpse of our house, room by room, this week.  Brace yourself.  My camera is in working order again and I felt like using it.

in the kitchen-

A little purple magic came our way today…

When life gives you figs make fig bars?  They are better just plain I will be honest.  Don’t bother.  So I won’t bother typing up the recipe.

in the living room-

lots of solo glueing (minimal mess!  we are moving up in the world)

and a crazy cute puppy… also known as a forever puppy.  tis true.  Our little mutt looks like she will be a mini.  Never thought that would be the kind of dog I would end up with, but pets are best when they choose you.  I am a firm believer.

 in the dining room-


First off, an oreo?  Sigh.  Well at least it was organic?  Oh no excuse, truth is I did make him some muffins for his beach party last weekend.  But I suppose the “wisdom” of this mama (you know for the last 2.5 whole  years) has taught me not to over do it.  So not worth it.  Over do it when you feel like over doing it.  Or when they are old enough to beg you.

For comparisons sake… September 2010


Bring on the weekend.  And by that I mean another hand to assist in baby wrangling.  Oh thank goodness.  

One thought on “a quick glimpse

  1. I think that is the BEST thing to remember- no baby cares about their bday! People go NUTS these days. I’m a firm believer in ‘old fashioned’ bday parties- at home, cake, ice cream, balloons & full run of the house.. no ponies over here.. Maybe a theme or two, b/c they are fun for me. Amelia got a store bought cupcake for her 1st bday & LOVED it. I did make her a cool cake for the party- but I like doing that. And these pictures are awesome.. Rowan looked PSYCHED with his ‘cake’.. 🙂

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