the sweetness of sickness

10 reasons why being home bound and sick isn’t all that bad after all

10. Hearing your boy say to you, “My will take care of you mama, my will cuddle right here next to your smooth face.  Then you will feel better.”

9. Realizing how much you actually do around your house to keep it up and running.  Two days laid up.  between three boys, two cats, and a puppy the house was honestly borderline unsanitary.

8.  Feeling revived enough to clean.  And being happy about it.

7. Realizing what little sleep you normally get is truly wonderful.

6. Having your husband stay home from work and letting you sleep all day (a gift in itself) and then admitting, “No matter how much I thought I was cleaning, things kept just getting messy!” Ah ha!  

5. Feeling the sunshine heat up your hair and the wind blow it around. So nice to spend some time outdoors!

4. Falling back into step with your new-found friends: the birds.

3. Seeing your getting healthy boys smile again.

2. Slowing down.  Way down.  Enough to just lie still and observe your maniacs at work.  To see all the nitty gritty details of their little minds hard at play.  Things you just might normally miss.

1. Knowing full well this is an illness that will be over and done in a week.  Being glad to live another day minus any truly unfair ailment.

A carolina wren decided to make her little cozy tunnel in my window for easy viewing.  Five little coffee and cream speckled eggs she is sitting on.  She will have her hands full! 

Nothing says I am getting well again like a morning filled with spinning like a helicopter.  Nothing.

Feels so good to be feeling good again.

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