fool me once

This weekend was filled with both the good, the bad and the oh my goodness so very, very ugly.  While I have always claimed to be a cat person, I believe those days have come to a staggering halt.  My once sweet Mo decided to devour those poor baby carolina wrens we have been quite smitten about.  Absent mindedly standing at my sink I saw that killing machine we house jump atop our window box and my poor mama knew no defense against her, so she fled.  I screamed out to Lee.  I ran.  But, I was too late.  She then proceeded to vomit them up onto our dirty cement car port floor.  I believe that was the first time I have felt true hatred.  This may seem like no thing, but this mama was my neighbor.  My confidant.  My sympathetic and understanding girl who lived and breathed motherhood right alongside me.  Oh our relationship only goes back a few weeks, but I have to say, and this may possibly make me sound horribly boring, but watching that little feathered beauty sit atop her nest and hatch those eggs was one of the most spectacular things I have ever witnessed.

There was one little one I thought I saved.  She was only a few inches from her home and appeared unscathed.  I placed her back in her nest.  I made it impossible for Mo to attack again and I sent it out there to the universe to please, please keep her safe.  I spied on that Mama for the next few hours, watching her bring insects and grubs and fuss over her somewhat empty nest.  She was returning and I breathed a sigh of relief for that.

But the universe had other plans.  This morning there was no trace of that sweet, pitiful, featherless babe.  Whether mama took her away or something else got a hold of her (it was not mo who was angrily trapped in the bathroom) I do not know.

Oh I know life goes on.  But for some reason, this time I can’t help but dwell.

So, I did what any rational woman would do.  I baked.

chocolate plum cake and some hearty breakfast muffins

It was somewhat satisfying.  And it really didn’t stop.  I made a little starter for a special loaf I have planned this week.  And then this morning I made the boys some strawberry banana muesli for breakfast.  It was fantastic if I do say so myself.

Just soak one cup of oats to one cup of apple juice in a covered container in the fridge the night before.  In the morning saute up some berries with a touch of sugar.  Mash a few bananas.  Mix it all up, plop a dollop of yogurt on top, sprinkle on some pistachios and toasted walnuts then drizzle with honey.  Prepare to be amazed.  I was inspired by this woman to create this bowl of heavenly breakfast.

But oh there were other birds in our weekend.  We finally got the nerve to add a few more ladies to our lives.  Introducing…..

the hens!

Five almost fully grown girls joined our clan.  (I am not about to fiddle with more babies I can guarantee that much)  We have dubbed them Sugar, Vanilla, Pepper, Haley and Hale Bopp.  They are so funny.  Miles is crazy about those funny legs.  Rowan just cracks up watching them cluck around.  And oh, it is mighty exciting to think about gathering up those beautiful eggs.  Miles is thoroughly confused on why we would find joy in eating their eggs.  He cannot seem to understand they would not ever be chicks as we have no rooster.  I believe I will let him wonder.  I think the birds and the bee’s conversation can be delayed for a (much) later date.

And so with that was our weeks end.  Here is to the start of a new one with less… ending.  If you catch my drift.

2 thoughts on “fool me once

  1. oh no! That’s so sad about your baby birds.. Ugh.. cats.. Your chickens are so cute- we have 2 of those black & white ones- lily named it ‘zeta’ b/c it looks like a zebra. Amelia is currently obsessed with a book from the library called ‘where do chicks come from” it may help some of the confusion… 🙂

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