a new discovery

Although I am sure I am being redundant, I must reiterate that I live near nothing except the great outdoors and several Baptist churches.  It is difficult at times to keep busy and find exciting things to do, just me and my boys, without driving all day.  But somehow, by the hair on my chinny chin chin (I actually found one! ew!  I am getting old!) we discovered a park.  A simple but oh my goodness so incredibly welcoming sight.  Complete with a few baseball fields, a quiet road for bike riding, and a glorious set of swings.  Yes, I am beside myself.  I mean Rowan and Miles are beside themselves.  Actually, who cares!  If I am being honest I will say I was out of breath from running around like a mad woman climbing up and down the ladder, squeezing my big booty through that tunnel, and “weeeee-ing” all the way down the slide.  Over and over again.  It was pretty awesome.

We scampered over to the ball park where Miles and I ran the bases several times.  

It was at this point a little someone decided to join in on the fun too…

So sweet seeing that look of accomplishment in my little mans eyes.  He was clearly proud.  And so was his big brother.

 Of course we don’t need to mention how his mama felt.  That goes without saying.  

It was a cool breeze, easy going, oh yes its friday kind of day.  Even with this disaster some call “finger” painting all was well in the world.  That is what kiddie pools are for right? 

Oh yes, I am reminded so often that these are the days the good stuff is made of. 

To see my boys for the amazing people they are and are becoming.  To feel that soft air and look up at the big blue sky.  I liked today.  A whole lot.  

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