that thick air.

Oooh… the air is thick around here this morning.  Hot, humid, and sweaty.  Just right for a nice run.  No, of course I am not being completely truthful.  For rational individuals this would not be the time to head outside, push 60 plus pounds of baby for 5 miles.  But for me, it is just what the doctored ordered on what could have been a cranky sunday morning.

I convinced that poor, not so willing husband of mine that yes, this was an excellent idea and off we went.

Oh it was well worth it.  Between the speckled butterflies and striped dragonflies, the woodpeckers and cicadas, the wild turkeys and their babies (a first for us!), the gators and the egrets, the herons and the storks, the giant cones of the long leaf pines, the smells of tides, and the fiddlehead crabs scuttling along staying out-of-the-way of our stroller, it was beyond worth it.

In the words of my little man, “This is just a beautiful morning mommy.  Isn’t it daddy? Daddy?!”.  That sweaty man of mine splashed a salty drop in our direction and with a nod of the head we understood his gesture to mean agreement.  Or at least that is how I will interpret it.

But that is the funny thing about getting your heart rate up high, going out into the world, and trying your absolute hardest.  It hurts so much, but when it’s all done you feel like a totally new person.  It has the ability to alter personalities I swear.  It can turn someone who has no confidence into a warrior.  It can just make you feel good.  So very good.


3 thoughts on “that thick air.

  1. Such a great post. That empty, exhausted, flushed, accomplished feeling at the end of the run sometimes makes it all worth it. Happy running! 🙂

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