blueberries six ways

Yesterday I saw a blueberry dessert on yahoo news.  As lovely as this looked, I thought to myself, well there… if that is newsworthy than I should be on the front page!  These days my hands are stained blue.  All in all we picked close to 12 quarts  so far.  Now I have a nice little stash frozen, canned and tucked away in baked goods (most of which are long gone by now).

Here is the line up…





…dark chocolate and banana muffins

…peach-vanilla bean jam


So there you have it.  Blueberries.

2 thoughts on “blueberries six ways

    • sure! all i did was chop really fine like 2 cloves of garlic, a few tsp. of parsley, a small handful of smashed blueberries, a squeeze of lemon juice, a tablespoon of honey or so and a bit of a shallot. i scooped in a spoonful of mustard ( i used that grainy one i made a while back… it just mustard seeds in a food processor) then I put a 1 to about 3 ratio of white wine vinegar to olive oil. I shook it like crazy in the mason jar i put it all in, it emulsifies that way. Oh yes and salt and pepper.

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