If ms. sue can…

The other night, it took me forty-five sweaty minutes to grate one singular zucchini.  One!  A task that should take all of 2 minutes was extended for the better part of an hour due to refereeing, diaper changing, dog chasing, husband greeting, and many more intriguing tasks.  To be quite honest, I almost went berserk. After a quiet moment, closing my eyes, deep breathing and giving myself a few positive affirmations (don’t laugh, it’s true) I managed to continue to grate the task at hand.  When supper was finally done, I set the table nicely, plated everyone’s food and poured drinks respectively.  I proceeded to change into shorts and a sports bra, then lace up my sneakers.  I called everyone in for supper and with a kiss on each forehead and no explanations I just drove away

It was one of those days.  I needed to run.

So that is just what I did.  I went for a nice long run at a break neck speed.  For some reason, on these stressful afternoons, even though the humidity is daunting, the faster I run the better I feel.  Call me crazy.  But running minus a 60 pound load to push is simply amazing.  So I popped on my headphones and listened as loud as they would go while I sprinted through a trail dripping sweat every step I took.  It felt awesome.  Then I ran into Ms. Sue.

I have seen this old lady fishing several times here.  She uses a cane pole.  She is good.  Always catching something.  Something told me to stop and chat with her (not that this is an uncommon phrase that runs through my chatty mind).  She told me about her life.  All the bad marriages, all the smart great grandkids, all the ailments (so many!), and all the gas stations she ran (again, so many!).  In her seventy some odd years of life Ms. Sue has done a thing or two.  That is to say the least.  And that is knowledge I can be sure of even after a less than ten minute talk with the girl.

Saying good-bye to my new friend I headed back to the trail.  I was about to pop my ear buds back in when I heard her say, “Hey while you’re out there running, ask yourself, ‘If Ms. Sue can do all that, what can I do?'”.

Well, that just made me feel glad.  I laughed.  I ran and I laughed for so long I think I looked quite out of my mind.

Of course it could have been the extra blood flow, or the adrenaline, or the exhaustion, or the time away, but I felt so happy then.  I got home and woke up both my boys just to kiss them.  I felt renewed.

Lately there has been a lot of that.  A lot of ups and a lot of downs.  Maybe this is normal?  I can’t be too sure.  But I can be sure of this;  While I watch my boys grow into amazing little people, I can’t help but think about how much I am growing right along with them.

3 thoughts on “If ms. sue can…

  1. i love runs like that! I need to do more of that- get dinner on the table & just run out the door. I’m all about the ups & downs too- if I didn’t know so many other people like that I’d think I was crazy. One of my favorite parenting quotes is: “motherhood, the days are long, the years are short” or something like that.

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