from the comfort of my porch

While being out in the boondocks can be somewhat uneventful, it really is not when you are one or two years old.  I recently read this little piece of advice here, that struck me as very true.

Imagine stepping outside and witnessing a total
eclipse of the sun that reveals a glorious meteor
shower, accompanied by a choir of dogs howling in
three-part harmony! Everything is that extraordinary
to a child because s/he hasn’t been around long enough
for very many things to seem “ordinary.”

Occasionally I do have to laugh inwardly at the parenting advice given on this daily email, but overall I would say they are extremely helpful and thought-provoking.  

This particular one made me realize perhaps my lazy summer days around here are just the opposite for these little boys of mine.

What I mean is if you have never seen a feather before than they are quite remarkable.  Or if you take the time to really check one out with new eyes than you may get a glimpse of the beauty and amazement they possess.

Rain feels good on a hot day.  It’s not something to avoid.

Riding on a dolly is hilarious and fun.

Especially with a friend.

A simple rocking horse provides so much more entertainment than I could ever imagine.

A gnome garden is easy to make and is a space my Miles visits on a regular basis.

The lawn can always use a trim.

And just because she is so darn cute.

So, stop and smell the roses today!

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