Dear Prudence

Oh the why’s are here.  With a vengeance.  I envisioned myself greeting this stage with a welcome smile.  Never tiring of answering.  I would not feel any muscles tense at the never-ending string of why’s that take up the majority of my day answering.  But alas, life is real and that was just a fantasy.  The why’s are at times so humorous I can’t contain myself, sometimes so inquisitive I need the help of old man google, but truth be told many times end in a sigh… because I really don’t know or my brain just doesn’t work as fast as this little man of mine’s does.

Yesterday I was listening to an oldie but goodie, The White Album.  When Dear Prudence came on a flash of memory went through my  mind.  I recalled asking my Dad, “Whats he singing about?” and I just had to smile. This exact question is often a topic of conversation these days.  (I remember quite often dissecting each and every song that came on the radio… In retrospect I can imagine the tiresomeness of this interest from my parents point of view)  But regardless, my dad answered me without so much as a blink of an eye.  He explained it was because perhaps she was truly sad?  So we sat there at our kitchen counter, in the light of the morning sun, just listening to the fab four.  Loving it.

This is a beauty of a song.  Is it not?  So uplifting and inspiring.  Each time I feel caught in the doldrums if I can muster up this tune in my memory it always makes me feel better if not just outright good.

This whole monologue in my mind reminded me of the importance of answering these seemingly endless journey of why’s.  And not just responding but actually coming up with a valid answer.  Sure, there is no way to actually do this every single time.  I would surely go hoarse.  But to give it an honest effort is absolutely worth the time.  Because if I can remember this event from so many years ago, and today this song means so much to me, it must be worth it.

Look around

How on earth could you not ask a million question?

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