One. A blog-o-versary

I must shout from the rooftops!  Or at least to those eight people who read this page on a regular basis!  I am celebrating my one year anniversary!  A few days late, but none the less I did it.  I am a bloggee or a blogger or whatever you call yourself when you write on a blog often.  Ah I am letting the wine do the talking again.  Just thought I would do a re-cap of my favorite five blogs ever in my whole entire life in the last year.  And I also thought I might add that this indeed is one of the best keepsakes I can imagine.  I love having these memories etched in… some outer space sort of internet world that I don’t have the slightest clue about its inner workings.

a new kind of spring

some time for cookbooks

good old country comfort in my bones

bread #27 (because that lizard is SO cute)

around the block a time or two

Picking those out was a lovely trip down memory lane for me.  Oh my boys.  They are so sweet.  Nothing to look forward to these days.  Because it has already arrived.  And I know this is my heart of hearts.  

Loving this blog is something entirely new as well.  I never thought that in doing this is would give me a sense of accomplishment for tiny crafts and decorations and muffins and such.  It makes me feel inspired to try more.

So yeah!  One year.  happy anniversary to me!

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