peaceful living

It is time to shake things up a bit in this here household.  We are going camping for two nights to celebrate the loveliness that is my husband!  A man so good and sweet I often feel he deserves to take a bow when the day is done.

We are thrilled and ready for anything.  On this trip we have made some contemplative goals for our family.  A few days out in the land of quiet and simple.  (Although some may argue that is precisely what we have around here…)  We are thinking of it as an experiment of sorts.

Our hopes are…

To see what it is like for the boys to have not-a-one toy at their disposal.  Of the late, my man and I have discussed the possibility of arguing, fighting, crying what have you being (mostly) to blame for the thing that they call a toy.  I have listened to this interview and it sank in a little deeper.  So, we are armed with extra clothing, lots of squares of absorbent cloth, a couple of good camping books (like this one, and this one, and this one, and this one), and of course the ever important meals that surely include some yummy breads.  And that my friends is all.  I suppose this is not atypical of a camping trip, for most of the world knows full well mother nature supplies us with all our imagination needs to feel fulfilled and complete, especially the littlest amongst us.

To ex-nay on the ugar say.  Yes, traditional camp fire smores are out this go around.  Ok, truth be told, a bit of honey went into our loaf of banana bread, but other than that, the sweet toothed among us (all of us) will go without.  I recently read this little bit which of course got me thinking.  And why not?  Just the other day in fact, I had to literally give away several batches of cookies because I could not get my child to think about, talk about, or EAT anything else.  His mind was only on cookies.  Cookies, cookies, cookies.  Now, that they are out of the picture things are dramatically better.  But the gloriously sparkling, iridescent crystals of sweetness have nothing growing minds and bodies need.  And we are all in need of a little sugar detox anyways.  So, no time is better than the present!**

And finally, to bask in the glory of nothing to do, nowhere to be, but be with one another.  Explore, sing, marvel, and smile with one another for three full days.  Perhaps see a sunrise, maybe sneak a peak at a sea turtle babe, linger, lounge, and relax.  Oh my.

I hope your weekend is filled with some aspiration and contemplation for the upcoming seasons as well as a bit of marveling at the world around.  With this weather cooling you hardly have a choice.              Until Monday….

**10:17 Amendment:  Negate all hopes of a sugar free weekend.  I just made a scrumptious chocolate cake for my sweetie.  I couldn’t resist.

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