morning revamp

In order to perk up my day, I have been making a conscious effort to tidy up -so to speak, our morning routine.  The grumbling mama with sandies in her eyes stumbling to her morning coffee and then admittedly over to browse the social networking addiction while her children chaotically play for thirty minutes is no more.

For now, what works around here is some sweet cuddling, big old breakfast eating, story having time.  We have been greeting the day with a fruit cup in bed (the big bed) while mama prys her eyes open with a cup of coffee as her tool of choice.  A little retelling of the three little pigs, the three billy goats gruff or some other tale that has to do with that magic number, and then off to the kitchen.  The boys sit atop the counter, usually making quite the mess (I have not had enough coffee at this point to notice or care), while I make the magic happen.

Today was a favorite of many …pancakes.

Oh it doesn’t take us long to get up and moving after such a lovely way to start the day.  It doesn’t at all.  We head on out.  I try to get the boys to join me in some yogi practice of a few sun salutations but, it tends to be quite silly.  This time for me is -oh so important though.  I feel centered and ready and calm and joyful.


 And so do these crazy chicken chasing maniacs.  How do you start your day off right?

3 thoughts on “morning revamp

  1. i love the joy you have with your boys, it’s short lived ,they are grown before you know it and i’m happy you take full advantage! carry on my sweet girl, your momma is always so happy and proud of you.

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