some walking


Lately the weather has graced us with something quite amazing.  It has actually been chilly enough to wear woolen sweaters, and flannels, and even socks!  It has been just cold enough to justify a cup of hot cocoa or perhaps to paint indoors this time around.  Oh, this new england lady is sighing relief.  I promise you.  Sweet relief.

Mama, this is hot cocoa?

Oh!  That is better..

My blood just wasn’t meant for this type of air.  My skin wasn’t meant to be toasted all months of the year.  It feels right to be heading into a real change in season these days.

Each morning when we walk the sandy road, I feel graced with such a life.  Sometimes, it takes a moment to stop.  Look around.  And really see that my very feet are standing on this very earth, right below me.  And its sandy.  And it has perfectly symmetrical tiny white shells scattered in it.  The sky is foggy.  Actually foggy, right there before my very own eyes.  The air is chilled and well?  It feels glorious.

Yes, I have gone off the deep end.  Tis true.  But I am still floating around embracing every second of it.

I have no doubts that I appear (and am) very simple.  Very simple.  I have come to a place, that is joyful in its simplicity.  But, is only joyful if you remember this too.  Otherwise it all seems like a big waste of time.  This would be a shame to let slip by without noticing.  A terrible shame.

So, I don’t!  And don’t you either!  For the sandy earth is beneath you and the sky is ever-changing!  This, this right here? This is it.  

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