some food to inspire

Oh, the bounty was over the top abundant today!  A mama friend, so sweet and hard-working, set up a food co-op with an organic farm not to far down the road.  It is the csa dreams are made of.  The farmers are friendly, the atmosphere divine, and the produce crisp and fresh as can be.  Oh yes, and inexpensive to boot!  Unreal as a matter of fact.  I am no stranger to the csa.  This is my fourth, in four states, so I have seen the different methods played out.  And this one?  I think I will stick around… for this is going to be something to write home about…

This was truly the days giving.  

23 dollars.  Even.  Ok, add six for the okra.  But minus that addition, it was a mere 23 dollars.  Enough produce to fill all four of our bellies for the week to come, perhaps even the months to come, for I will most certainly have to put some of it up.

There was also the opportunity to purchase raw milk… oh that gloriously thick soothing milk… I have searched far in wide for some of this stuff since my arrival in january with no luck.  In Georgia it is illegal, like many states.  This is something that baffles me.  I can’t wrap my mind around the idea that a food can be illegal but something like…. cigarettes?  That is a choice.  Make no mistake, pasteurized or not, dairy is the least likely to give you a food born illness.  It is a fact.  Look it up.  Well, I am not an expert of any variety, so I will step off this little soap box of mine and chug a cup of the good stuff.

Oh, and I have not included the most spectacular piece of this produce picking up puzzle.  

Friendship.  What a day it was.  So very exciting. 

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