a knitty nap

Upon knitting the last rows (for now… seems I miscalculated and need one last skein of yarn to knit up that last stripe) I realized that I have indeed only knitted this beauty of a stole at the most subdued and calm points in our wild days.  Each day, at universal nap time (you didn’t know? One o’clock people!  Siesta!), as the boys are heading to the land of nod, I sit in their doorway, sing a few tunes and knit a few rows.  Sometimes I get carried away and remain there for the duration of nap time humming and knitting, knitting and whispering the words to every song I can think of.  Other times I just knit the few rows it takes to put them out soundly, and move on.  It is important I continue this ritual for avoiding the nap time crazies is ideal because they share a room and it tends to spiral out of control quite quickly.

I figure that if a piece of fabric holds the energy you put into it this one will exude a feeling of calm.  It will wrap you up in a peaceful whirl of mossy sea green.  It will give a consistent reminder in a hectic day that there is a bit of tenderness and quiet in a life somewhere, perhaps your own, not too far from where you stand.

It is pretty fitting that this is a gift for my mama, the queen of the afternoon lie down.  Without fail, this busy woman finds time to savor the restful hours of the afternoon with a quiet afternoon nap.  Glorious.  A thing of envy, I promise.

So, one last ball of this merino fingering will be at my doorstep in a few days, and alas, I can begin a new project.  For this one was a doozy.

Of course their were the occasional long drive rows too, though equally restful, with two boys sound asleep in the back.  

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