#49 Salt dough ornaments

There are certain days where you feel like beating your head against the wall.  Like somehow the pain and monotony and inability to feel or think of anything else will drown out your other thoughts.

And then there are days where you do it.

Yesterday was one of these days.  No naps.  No rest.  Lots of tears, and fighting.  Lots of “mine!”‘s and “no!”‘s and sad to say a few “damn it!”‘s, (both from myself and a little three-year old who damn it, picked up the habit).  Luckily, a responsible man walked through the door around five and took the reigns from this defeated mama.

Bedtime was dramatically easier with two adults on hand and no naps behind these boys of mine.  I decided to follow suit and hopped into a cozy bed cuddled to a fat cat, a tiny dog and a giant.  I set myself up with a hot cup of chamomile tea and my book.  Ahh.. the simple comforts of life.  I didn’t last long before my eyes got droopy and I dropped off to sleep…

and then?  I woke up.  In the morning.  We all just slept all night.  Oh the glory!  And what a difference some shut-eye makes!  So, today we took on the world!  We cleaned the coop!  And organized the yard!  And made garlands!  And cut mistletoe!  And made salt dough ornaments!  And just played in the rain!

IMG_6118 IMG_6122 IMG_6125 IMG_6128 IMG_6135 IMG_6142 IMG_6146

Ah… one day on one day off.. so is life I suppose.  Perhaps, this time I will be granted two in a row?  Come oooon thursday…

No Bake Salt Dough Ornaments

3.5 cups of flour

1.5 cups of corn starch


in a separate bowl mix

1 cup of salt

1 tablespoon glycerin or petroleum jelly

1.5 cups of very hot water

Mix the two together and knead for 10 minutes…

roll, cut, slice, and let dry. (and don’t forget to poke holes in them to hang)

paint with acrylics and dust generously with glitter.


then deck the halls.

7 thoughts on “#49 Salt dough ornaments

  1. You may not like your kitchen, but there are so many wonderful memories and creative things coming out of it. 🙂 It seems to be doing its job quite well.

    Did you paint yours yet? My first time doing this since kindy, I’m so excited! Almost want to make a batch just for me to paint one night with a glass of wine all by myself.

    You are doing a wonderful job, by the way. Head beating and all. Just look at how awesome your boys are!

    • See? that wasn’t too hard? jk…. ha… but, there is no question in my mind- a cookie/ornament decorating party for just you and me and lots of wine would be absolutely stupendous. i painted one a minute ago because i could not resist. 🙂

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