lovely love

Today is our anniversary.  I had intentions of writing a post that now somehow doesn’t seem appropriate after the events of last friday.  Any bit of happiness is quickly swept away by an overwhelming feeling of sympathy and grief.  Heart wrenching sadness.

I explained this feeling to my dear sweet love of four beautiful years, and he calmly told me, once again, a beautiful truth.  As in any passing of life, the only thing we can truly do is live for today.   Of course this is cliché and spoken of with any tragedy.  Of course, this time it feels like the world is cracking wide open.  Of course, I can’t manage to take this advice as of yet.

But, despite the horrors of the world, and the absolute travesty that mothers and fathers and children are facing in Connecticut and all over the world, I will include a tiny note written by a silly love struck girl once upon a time.  I suppose there is nothing more than love that is appropriate in times like these.  When it comes down to it, it is all that we really have.

Skin like pecan pie,

tasty and warm.

With hair so thick when styled,

it sets in jell-o form.

Hands that are so strong and tender

firm like a steak.

Eyes settled soft as angel food cake.

A mouth that is wet and gentle,

tastes like ice cream.

Legs that stretch long,

sinewy like a spaghetti string.

A back that comforts me,

just like a latte topped with foam.

Arms that ease my heart,

like a meal made at home.

A smile so sweet, it feels like chocolate in my belly.

A laugh that sticks with me, like salt water taffy.

Looks so sincere and loving,

as honest as an animal.

Oh yes, you are so yummy,

I think that I’m a cannibal.


Four years and four souls.  My life is full to the brim.  Thank you Lee, for being my sunshine.  


Rest in peace, to all the sweet little babes and heroic women whose time on this earth was stopped far too soon.  

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