flying “angels”

Flying with two toddlers is daunting.  There is no question about that.  Flying with them solo is well…. enough to keep you up at night.  To say the least.  I will say that while many deem me brave, each time I attempt such a feat I complete the journey with a feeling of overwhelming exhaustion and utter defeat.  I hurl the children into the arms of the one coming to my rescue.  While they are truly good boys, they are boys and they are… energetic.  That is all that needs to be said about that, I suppose.

Today was a particularly intense nail biter, for the way up north was nothing short of ridiculous, I knew all too well what was in store for me on the return trip.  I tearfully tore myself away from my beloved mama, strapped my little one on tight to my back, clutched the hand of my bowl cut beauty and headed for the security line.  I was shocked and amazed at the courtesy and kindness of the staff.  No one made me untie a shoe.  My boy remained firmly placed upon my back.  There were pleases and thank you s all around, and patience was more than a virtue, it was a given.  Who says New Englanders are rude?  That is just nonsense.  Pure nonsense.

I ran into old friends at the tiny airport, sat next to a woman who shared the love of a well-known dog on the island I grew up on (really?  a dog?), people entertained my sons without a question or word.  One man went so far as to spend a good thirty minutes showing Miles hundreds of photos on his ipad of space stations. Did you know Kennedy Space Station is the home of the largest painted flag in the entire world?  I for one, did not.  When my boy decided to take a leap of faith off the stairs from the plane, strangers caught him.  I kid you not.  

The day was filled with unsolicited kindness.


made me want to kiss them all.

Home sweet home.  I will say, though I miss the folks up there in the ice world, the weather is nothing to scoff at around these parts today.  70 and sunny….  Hope your Tuesday is filled with random acts of kindness too!

4 thoughts on “flying “angels”

  1. I believe that you probably bring out the absolute best in people because of the bubble of light shining all around you and your precious boys…give and you shall receive. Karma.

  2. Wow, that makes traveling an easier experience. I know of friends who’ve traveled alone with their kids, including transcontinental flights, and I have to say, all parents who travel alone are brave, brave people

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