word to my brother

Upon hearing the extraordinary news that my dear brother  and his miniature, adorable, and impossibly sweet wife were expecting their first child this summer, I immediately began creating a mini database of advice in my mind to reveal to them at a later date.  Each time a child would scream, something worked, something failed, a meal was easy, a meal was bad, basically any parenting score or fumble; I stored it away to pass onto them to ease their transition into parenthood.  You see, in my 29 years I have come to know that there is only happiness and suffering.  There is you, yourself feeling happiness and sometimes suffering.  There is seeing loved ones happy and occasionally suffering.  And then, then there is your brother feeling happiness or suffering.  For some reason, that relationship, (though sticky at times) is one of my most appreicated and honored of all.  I remember the one and only time I ever saw him cry, and though it was probably 20 years ago, to this day I cannot even tell the story without tears of my own.  And so to envision him sleep deprived, frustrated, in a tiff with his lady, or any other trauma that is typically seen with the welcoming of a new child,  I cringe.  I just love him I suppose.  So of course, I want to help.

Then I went up north to visit my sweet loving family and was so lucky to spend a few days with the two parents to be as well.  This is a treat, I assure you, for they are some busy folks.  I counted my lucky stars, drove with them to visit the location of their new home, and soaked up every ounce of excitement that so clearly seeped from their very souls.

And it turned out I didn’t have to unfold my folders of “knowledge” (you know.. I am a genius right?  geesh…).  My brother treats his girl like gold.  She is kind and patient.  They compromise, they are thoughtful, they are instinctual.


Like a bee.  Very instinctual.  (Really I just loved this photo and was looking for a good place to sneak it in at some point)

But, honestly my bro impressed the heck out of me.  He needs not a speck of advice from his little sister.  (Minus precisely what to do with the precious placenta, if I am to arrive after the birth:)  I love a lesson that helps me keep my mouth shut.  I need more of them I believe.  Bottom line, he is going to be an amazing father.  And though I never doubted for a second his girl would be anything less, my sweet sister in laws generosity and love will ease her into motherhood with grace and joy.

With that, all that is left to say is to take time to breath.  Live each moment purposefully.


Know that there sweet little dimpled hands become capable toddler hands, then children hands, then hands just like your own in less time than I can imagine I am sure.  So hold em tight.


Congrats to the parents to be.  Tiny socks, and mini cardigans are already on the needles in anticipation for the big day where I can adorn my niece or nephew in some good old fashioned handknits.  You two make me so happy, I am honored to be an auntie once again.

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