my reasons are plain- a few secrets-

I love Bob Seger.  Even the creepy Night Moves.  Actually, especially Night Moves.  Today it came on the radio in our living room while the boys were outside digging and the door was flung open wide spraying the icy cool morning air through our house.


I leaned down and snatched up my trusty microphone


(yeah. I am that cool)

and sang my heart out for those who would listen.



Basically my serenade went uninterrupted.  The boys didn’t give me a second glance, no one came barreling down the sandy road and the mail lady didn’t honk her mail indicating horn.  Bob strummed his guitar, I became a back up singer for the last verse, and the song ended in a bit of backwoods static.  Laughing at myself, I sat down, picked up my cup of coffee and went on with my day.

I got to thinking, do other people behave in this way?  Surely, everyone pretends their living room is the backstage entrance to a giant arena with a crowd of people waiting, lighters in hand.  Surely they do.

But I think there is a chance that they don’t.  Or at the least, they won’t admit this is a daily ritual that does nothing if not start their day off on the right foot.

And I started to think about the idea that perhaps that is why I write.

I started to think through the content of what I write about here.  Mostly I just write.  But every now and then, especially today, I thought about the general genre my blog would be plopped into.  Mothering, yes, that would be included.  But I hope one day, when my boys are grown up and moved out, I still find some comfort in this spot.  I hope that a few people still enjoy reading the words I string together, because I think really the thing I have to offer is simple enough.  I don’t have any magical remedy for anything, or important life altering stances.  I truly feel like an expert on nothing, and a student for everything.  The only expertise I may possibly hold, is to keep my eyes held open.  To feel free to enjoy it all.

To remember to remember.

Sometimes I think I need a reminder for myself.  A way to clarify to be sure to stay on track.  This space helps.

So, here is to Mr. Seger.  And to night moves of course.

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