bro hymn


All of the sudden, just like that, my job is all together much easier.  I never thought this day would come.  I almost don’t want to even say it aloud.  But the truth is, my boys have been giving me the boot.  Playtime with me, is well, under par at times.  It seems, they would prefer to play with each other.


And let me tell you, they don’t just play together.  They laugh with such bubbling ferocity they can’t breathe.  They enter worlds inside their minds I can’t even envision.  While Miles needed a mama-translator at twenty months, Rowan needs me not.  My knowledge of his language idiosyncrasies pales in his brother’s expertise.  Rowan runs to his big brother’s rescue when the going gets tough.  They stand up for one another in all situations, no matter where the fault lies.  They are brothers.  They just get each other.

Of course their fights are unprecedented in my life, and that scares me too.  The screams and the injuries are plenty I assure you.  At times the drama is seemingly endless.  I do my best to let them learn on their own, for they are smart, and I am sure my “words of wisdom” often sound like the drone of charlie browns old lady.  But when things get truly ugly and a mama is needed to intervene, I often see compassion between the two and that is so inspiring.  Their ability to forgive and forget and move on is enviable.  Their love for each other I hope with all my heart and soul only grows through out the years.

IMG_0098 IMG_0131

If I could do anything with the intensity that my boys play together, there is no doubt I would be a wealthy woman.  They say play is a child’s work, I believe this, and think my boys are moving their way up the ladder quite steadily.  They do play so hard.

I will tell you, I even get to lie in bed and drink coffee for a bit of time each morning, which is a good thing because still. still. still. these boys don’t let me rest a full night.  Even the animals have joined in in their late night romping.

IMG_0164 IMG_0097

Regardless, I listen to my boys begin their day quite happily, their shadows dancing on the walls in the early morning sun.  

Ah yes, Things have been good in our neck of the woods.

Also, I videoed them rocking hard to this reminiscent old song, but alas I have no skills on the internet and can’t .avi my .mov.  Better luck next time!

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