days like this were made for ice cream

This past Sunday there was warm sun, so toasty my biggest boy wore shorts; Amazingly sweet friends, full of laughs so good we recount them again and again, a giant puddle, crazy boys, and a few sandwiches.  What more could you ask for?

IMG_0205After so much goodness, I couldn’t imagine it getting any better.  And then a suggestion was made that was so grand, I am sure this dear couple couldn’t have guessed the repercussions could be so vast.

Ice Cream.

I am only human.  I eat healthy, for the most part.  I actually enjoy my baked goods de-sugared (sometimes), but when it comes to my ice cream?  I am a sucker for the real thing.  No substitutions.  No strings attached.

And this man has got it right.


The Ice Cream Stop feels like a bar for kids.  He knows all the regulars orders by heart, he calls the babies by name, and he welcomes everyone with a grin form ear to ear and a grandiose hello as they walk in the door.  This is the spot.  I promise you.  I believe there was no less than two dozen flavors of the creamy goodness, and there were other indulgences as well…


The walls were perfectly coated in a smattering of smiling faces both of the human variety and the canine alike.  


There is a perfect little corner dedicated to keeping the half pints among us content and happy giving the mamas and the papas adequate time ooh and ahh over their selections.


He offers drive in movies on the weekends.  Free.  He supplies old-fashioned hot dogs and drinks for a minimal charge for those who please.  There is even a Tuesday afternoon story hour (12:45) followed up by a free cone.  I believe I found my newest version of heaven.

  I believe a few boys did as well.

IMG_0216 IMG_0222

And despite my clear and obvious reasons to avoid food dyes, I thought today would be a good day to just let it be.  And it was.

Once home, there was no stopping them.  Those boys passed out cold.  We placed our sleeping babes cozily in bed, dried out those soaking wet shoes and basked in our sweet tooth loving glory.  


My kind of day.

ps.  those boots are hard core, are they not?

5 thoughts on “days like this were made for ice cream

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog ~ it’s always nice to have company! And a Rhode-Islander-at-heart is the very best kind of visitor to have! You have a lovely blog ~ I will be back to visit with you, as well! (awfully sweet little ones you have!)

  2. I am the wife of Mr.Bill from The Ice Cream Stop and wanted to thank you for this lovely blog. I posted it on facebook for others to see and am so glad we could be part of your family’s day.

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