a little almost spring time craft

Don’t flutter by, butterfly.

Come sit on my finger.

Come tickle my cheek.

Come be my guest for the day or the week.

But, don’t flutter by- butterfly.

-a verse from seven times the sun.


These boys and I swtiched out the winter “chandelier” for a gentle spring motif.  The project is simple enough for little hands to complete all by their lonesome.  It is quick and you can you use the leftover paper you have shoved under your sink from previous holidays.

1. Let them cut squares

2. fold it over a chunk of pipe cleaner

3. dangle from a piece of yarn off of a grapevine wreath

See?!  Simple enough.


I taught the boys the verse up above.  While I do love the book it came from I struggle to find just the right spots for all the magical songs and rhymes in our day.  This was a good start.  We practiced little finger motions, and in no time they were chanting along with me.  It has been stuck in my head ever since.

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