eating from jars

I always eat out of jars.  I learned this from my old man.  We always teased him for this habit, jelly jars were whiskey cups, and pickle jars for milk.  But now it is trendy and the little mason’s are even found as decor at classy weddings and other events.  None the less, the habit is formed and whether I am deemed cool for it or practical it does not matter.

Yogurt.  To be jarred shortly.  A staple in our days.


The makings of a fresh batch of kefir.  A new one!  The ease of this fermented milk product is absurd.


Vegetable water.  Don’t let another tinted liquid go to waste.  If it has rubbed shoulders with chlorophyl, or any legume, meat bone or edible substance,  save it, savor it, use it, cook with it, drink it.  This particular beauty is broccoli water. 


And my personal favorite, marinated goat cheese.  How did it take me so long to reproduce the glorious product I learned of so long ago at my most treasured place of employment: Elodie Farms.  Simply slice cold rounds of goat cheese and place them carefully in a jar.  Slip in a few fresh sprigs of rosemary and thyme, a clove or two of peeled garlic, season and cover in a good olive oil.  Let it marinate a good three or four days or up to a few weeks before spreading across fresh bread, dolloping onto a pizza, or face it- eating by the (giant) spoonful.  


Of course, there are lots of other good foods in jars around here.  Granola, frozen berries, stocks, and tomorrows lunch to name a few.  But I thought a smattering of inspiration would be fun.  So be inspired will you?

9 thoughts on “eating from jars

  1. Your marinating goat cheese is so beautiful! I was just telling Craig we needed more mason jars after picnicking with you guys. I love seeing all your snacks packed in mason jars.

  2. Mariah, I am going to try making kefir this weekend….although I was only able to procure kefir starter, is that the same as kefir seeds?

    Also, marinated goat cheese is the bee’s knees! Love it.

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