a fairy garden how to


An interpretation of the lenten garden has become the centerpiece of our nature table.  Isn’t she a beauty?


I… I mean my children… had an incredible time making this.  The three of us really did have a spectacular morning gathering the moss, hunting down tiny sticks and rocks, building a fairy fire, plotting out the map of our fairy garden etc….  


The weather was outright spectacular today.  The potato tops were charred with cold when I woke up, the moon hung a metallic waxing gibbous in the morning sky.  But by noon, the silver lady was nowhere to be seen and the sky was a milky gray overcast covering us like a warm blanket.  We had no option but to remain outdoors as long as possible.

To make the garden cover a sheet tray with plastic (I used plastic bags), then a layer of soil, and on top the world is your oyster.  Whatever suites your fancy will work just fine for the fairy folk.  Or at least whatever you can find right outside your doorstep.  And then on easter, or the first day of spring (whichever tradition you feel inclined to participate in) you can decorate the garden while your children sleep.  When they awake they will find the fairies have left them in some spring time glory in return for building them a beautiful home. Don’t forget to spritz your moss and other plants you find with water occasionally so they don’t dry out.

IMG_0470 IMG_0469 IMG_0467

It is almost spring!!

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