some spring some leap

It is spring!  Whether a glance outside your window tells you so or not, winter in fact is no longer.  Down here in the south, we are able to act upon this well before my thick northern skin is accustomed to.  Bonfires and friends have been the name of the game lately.

IMG_0862 IMG_0834 IMG_0807 IMG_0876There is nothing more enticing than a fire.  I for one, learned the mastery of fire starting from a real live eagle scout and pride myself in the one match ignites it all theory.  Spanish moss makes a good friend when attempting such a challenge.  Build a little tent of tiny sticks above a nest of needles and moss.  It is mesmerizing work really, so long as little ones don’t find themselves too involved in the “helping” that is, I tend to get a little over protective of my pile.

Another firey (hahaha) spring activity is beeswax egg candles.  Simple and affordable I say.  


Melt your wax, blow out a few eggs (with only one hole at the top) and use a piece of cotton string as a wick weighed down by a little something and your off.  When they are good and hard peel the shell away (good for little hands), and enjoy a delightful egg-y candle lit meal, because surely you will be indulging in a crispy, garlicy, kale and (marinated!) goat cheese frittata after this project too.


We ended with a little “lesson” on the anatomy of an egg.  It was interesting that they stood tall and sturdy without any assistance whatsoever.  Miles and I read a bit about the egg tooth, the air pocket (the reason for such a phenomenon), the albumen, etc… and were in awe of mother natures perfection.  Perhaps there is a rooster in our near future, this stuff is just too fascinating to pass up I tell you.


Happy Spring (yesterday officially) to you and yours!  May every moment be a treasured one!

2 thoughts on “some spring some leap

  1. First of all, CASEY LOVES HER BANNER!!! She is not feeling well (on her bday 😦 ) and it really cheered her up. Secondly, concerning eggs, crack open an egg and point out the two little white blobs on either side of the yolk to your boys. They actually stretch out like little chords. The official name is chalazae, but I tell the kids that they are swimmies. They keep the baby chick floating in the middle of the egg always pointing toward the air cell. On the 21 st day, the chick’s beak (with the egg tooth) pokes into the air cell, takes its first breath of air and then has to hatch (or pip) out. You are such a little pioneer mommy; your boys are so lucky. Beth

  2. I love the new “related posts” feature! So sweet to see cedar’s face on my fav blog. We dipped leaves in beeswax yesterday…you inspire me so much!

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