a knitting update and a random restaurant ramble.

IMG_1411 IMG_1416This is the rustling leaves pattern from coastal knits.  I never thought I would have the patience, determination and ability to complete such a beautiful project.  But, hey remember yesterday?  Life is medicine!  I dont know if tearing out and counting and recounting and recounting would be something I was up for if I had not stockpiles of patience building deep in my soul.  Yes, there are a couple of mistakes, but its beautiful.  It is silk and kid mohair and silver and it brings out all my new gray hairs.  

Also last night I was on a much-needed solo date to The Frayed Knot, (only the best knitting store ever- they are spinning me a custom yarn!) where I picked out the fibers I will use for a gift for Rowan and a gift for my niece due in July, followed by acupuncture, and finally a lovely meal at The Green Truck.  I quickly became that crazy lady eating alone while doodling on an old knitting pattern.  You know that lady.  I thought it would nice to immortalize what I wrote, it is pretty silly.

Being here makes me remember, no no no remember isnt’ even close tot he word to describe what I am talking about, it makes me relive or embody or time warp to when I felt the rush of the restaurant.  The knowledge that there was a whole bunch of people who would stay up way past anyones bedtime doing who knows what, drinking sodas passed through windows in quart containers, jumping off the line when all the tickets are done, saying inside jokes that only people who are together way too often think up.  Oh no, the dirty line cook with the mustache keeps giving me the eye.  The girl next to me has bleach blonde barbie hair and fake nails but she liked the egg on my burger so she is cool.  Patsy Cline is playing in the kitchen.  Goddamn I could drink this homemade ketchup it’s so good.  It is killing me.  Would that be wrong?  To drink ketchup?  Then to die from its glory?  Im eating fries the way my silver beret is telling me to.  I have no choice.  Whats that you say?  “The Queen of France!”  The mustache man just yelled out.  Do you know I am almost thirty?  And why yes, I do look regal and sophisticated if that is what you mean.  Restaurants are like mini universes.  You always have the key every guy.  So, I ate this meal alone.  But my date was with this lovely inky pen.  One that back in my waitressing days I would have referred to as a big tipping pen.  You know that one.  It is so sleek you cant help but just write in a high number on that line.

Yes, without a doubt I looked crazy smirking to myself as I jotted down these silly thoughts.  But I had fun.  I am fully rejuvenated and prepared to face this rainy day.

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