the hostel in the forest

On the way home from our camp trip we swooped by a little place we had been meaning to see for quite some time.  Hidden deep in the woods with just a single handmade sign to show the entrance is a land that is nothing short of enchanting.  After a long drive down a winding bumpy dirt road, and then a further jaunt on foot we arrived at The Hostel in the Forest.  The main buildings consist of  rounded moss covered dome shaped houses.  They are dimly lit with strands of lights illuminating photographs of the faces of past guests and managers.  Walls outside and in are adorned in different found objects woven into dream catchers or hoops or other intriguing pieces.  Gardens grow on roofs.  Black chickens streaked with deep purples and blues meander.  Rooms are tucked quietly in the canopy of the pines and hardwoods of the south, with little boardwalks leading you to each of the nests. (See if you can spot them in the forested pictures below.)  A glass home where yogis practice is a thing of awe.  The outdoor kitchen is certainly an item I would like to replicate in a home of my own one day.  Compostable toilets, glorious gardens, pools filled with fresh water, sustainable living at its finest.  At the hostel in the forest, meals are communal, guests put in their hours to keep the place running smoothly, and regular workshops are plenty.  You cold get lost wandering these woods for hours.  I left inspired.

IMG_1701 IMG_1702 IMG_1703 IMG_1722 IMG_1719 IMG_1715 IMG_1708 IMG_1707 IMG_1705 IMG_1721

And to feed my bird loving mind, I must include as I type this in the dark of the early morning I do so to the sound of the warm weathers first chuck wils widow calling in the night.  His persistence intrigues me.  

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