the craft

IMG_2005I am starting to think of the possibility that I am in fact a real live crafting magician.  In (more than three) instances in my life I have crafted something with the intention of it serving as a good luck charm of sorts, and lo and behold the wish behind the fabric materialized (pun intended!  I am hilarious!).  You see the top picture is the embroidery I made when hoping for Lee to get a job, the bottom one is a shamrock button on some leather framed in hopes for another job, and well clearly “live free or die” was stitched with the dream of moving north in mind.  And they all came true!  Sure, my husbands intelligent mind and work ethic might have had something to do with it, but certainly  it was my crafting capabilities that sent sparks out the universe shoving us in the right direction and solidifying our fate.  Of course it was.  I have attempted a few other knitted, stitched, drawn amulets of sorts that are currently in the waiting process as well.  I will report back, this could be big people.  I mean big.

IMG_1998I am hoping that my son has inherited this sorcerous like quality, for this is the house he designed us to one day reside in.  I mean look at the size of that coop!  And right in the middle of the house?  There are goats in a playroom the size of our current abode!  Oh, this is the spot right here.

Ah yes, headed to new england.  T minus two days and we are on the road.  


3 thoughts on “the craft

  1. I’m ready for some witchy embroidery. 🙂
    I am so happy for you & a bit envious, not gonna lie. Although I don’t miss ticks & Mosquitos. 😉
    Safe travels & I’m SO excited for you!!! Xoxox

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