sawing on the fiddle and playing it hot

003Looks like we stumbled upon the famous fiddlehead season…  it lasts only a few weeks but we are quite lucky with our timing.  These tasty spirals taste like asparagus or green beans or something familiar I can’t quite place.  But tonight I intend on making a feast for my family of four that includes the likes of them.  


This neck of the woods has so many secrets… 

3 thoughts on “sawing on the fiddle and playing it hot

  1. i do hope you didn’t eat the fuzzy ones…as I have recently learned (being a vt “newbie myself) that the fuzzy ones will make you sick! Hope you were able to get the “right” ones!

    • well from what i have heard you have to boil all of them for ten minutes first…. i did eat the fuzzy ones but they were post boil and so far so good! Though i have an iron gut lol! Thanks for the advice!!!! I need all I can get:)

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