mr. wizard

Ah yes, the science behind ordinary things.  Or seemingly ordinary things.  It turns out if I actually take the time to research, contemplate, and fully answer each and every one of the seemingly endless string of why’s and how’s my boys ask then I could put in the time needed to gain a brand new college degree probably once a month.  I settle for answering most of them, and then when they are fast asleep I sometimes find my mind racing around searching for a reasonable explanation to the ones I left behind.  I mean how does air conditioning work?  Why don’t we have feathers?  Why are tree’s large?  What would happen if the car was driving without me pressing the gas pedal?  What! Why! How!  Whew… It is exhausting.

One place we have discovered that gives me quite a good break in the explaining department is The Montshire Science Museum.  It is simply terrific.  We have been twice this week.  Its just that good.  I believe I may even try and go someday with just my man-friend (you know my husband), so I can just sit and watch leaf cutters ferment leaves.  Basically its my favorite new insect.  I mean they clearly understand the neccesity of some good fermented yeasty probiotic greens.

Perhpas I am the mother of the next Mr. Wizard.  Wouldn’t that be something?  

IMG_3266 IMG_3267 IMG_3268 IMG_3281And its not just all science and experimentation either.  There is water!  And splashing!  And picnics!  And trails!  Its a summertime dream.

IMG_3293 IMG_3294 IMG_3301

But when winter comes (and come it will!) I can envision it being the warm saveour to the long days as well.  And believe it, its less than 20 minutes away…  I am sure feeling spoiled in these parts.  Never a dull day.  “never ever ever ever ever” as my boys like to chant for no apparent reason at all.


Yes, its just another summery day in Veront playing with fly larvae nests and eating yogurt.  

One thought on “mr. wizard

  1. Your boys are so lucky to have a mom who makes it a point to find every nearby source of enjoyment, learning and fun…

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