Favorite colors are a big deal when you are little.  I mean a really big deal.  My Miles has professed a love for purple so unwavering that he actually has disdain for all the other colors of the rainbow.  And for so long cheery yellow was his number one, and then just like that; on to purple.  He casually mentioned to me on a walk home from the beach earlier this summer that “purple is just sort of magical isn’t it?” and I had to agree.  Sometimes, with a dreamy look in his eyes he will mumble that purple reminds him of fairies or that he can not believe that he and his girl isabelle both love purple (I mean what are the odds!).  When he see’s even the tiniest sliver of that majestic hue he races to me gasping for breath, pointing out the glorious color.  A stripe on a towel, a cover of a book, a crunchy cabbage.  He loves them all.  If its purple, it’s his.

Me, I have always been a lover of blue.  Today I will make it official though, if you were to ask me what my favorite color is I would tell you all the shades of a blueberry.  From the first speckles of chlorophyl on white to the easter egg pink to the sunset purple and finally that deep chalky soft blue.   I love them all.  Blueberry is by far my favorite.

IMG_4362 IMG_4365 IMG_4370 IMG_4372

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