butter and mascarpone

How do you impress a husband you never get to see?  I will tell you.

The unsung hero in this family is a sucker for leftovers.  Give him last nights hot supper cold for lunch the next day and he thinks I am an angel sent from heaven.  Surely I have a fifty percent success rate at this task, but sometimes I get inspired.  My friend Caitlyn reccomended this blog and oh my… I think my kitchen slump is finally coming to a close.  (That in combination with a babysitter so that my weekly grocery trip can take place alone)  Thank goodness too!  So, while this man of mine is wrapping up finals in his MBA program, in the midst of navigating his way through a new job (and a busy one at that), getting little to no sleep, all the while remaining my rock, I show him I love him through the food that I make.  We don’t often see each other in the waking hours of the day, or if we do its for a brief good morning and a sip of coffee before he is off again, but when he opens up his lunch I would like to think he knows with one bite he has three people who miss him like crazy.  And that we are so proud.  I just don’t know how he does it, and with a smile on his face too.


Though he is easy to please, he prefers the type of dish where its all smashed together.  Think savory pies stuffed with all kinds of goodies and grainy salads with so many ingredients you don’t try to count them, hearty dishes.  Tonight I made zucchini pancakes, a roasted corn salsa (with barley and beans and basil oh my!) and before the heat of the day I baked a loaf of rosemary bread.  It was just what this hot as a mug day called for really.  Something light, something easy and most importantly something that will be good tomorrow.  Miles is usually good for trying all the dishes I make.  In fact, most nights he will eat a good portion of whatever it is we give him.  But oh my Rowan…  he is stubborn as the day is long and well, he only eats green things if they are blended up inside something disguising their true identity.  It makes me so sad to admit this.  It really does.  But it is what it is.

Today after our meal, after washing my sweaty boys, after brushing their little teeth and after settling them into bed for stories, I asked Rowan what his favorite food is anyways.  “I like butter mama.” , he said without missing a beat.  “I like mascarpone cheese”, he completed his thought.  Well now, this boy is just classy!  I mean when it all boils down to it, I think the majority of folks would fully agree with him now wouldnt they.  He has my vote at least.  The little cutie.


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