our BFG is back!

A collective sigh of relief has come over my family of four.  Lee has finished school for the semester and we are enjoying it down to the marrow of bones.


Our hike yesterday was marked in failure and laughter.  The slope was far to intense for the little legs of a three-year old, capable though they are, or for the insistent ones of a two-year old who we consistently tried to persuade to climb in to the backpack (to no avail mind you).  The forest floor was thick with boggy mud pulling our shoes like a suction cup and spraying thick mud all over our backs.  We gave up of course and succumbed to their desire.



(Notice the creeping jenny we happily munched on!)IMG_4459

It is so nice to have our BFG back, at least for the next few weeks until another grueling semester begins.  (Only two more to go!)

IMG_4452 IMG_4468 IMG_4450 IMG_4448

Hope you had a nice weekend too!

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