the backyard bounty

More finds from the backyard… making me think twice about the popular picks in the produce section.  Where is the burdock root?  Or the bee balm?  Or the thimble berries?  I suppose I am glad to find them tucked into the sides of our yard and the creases of our driveway.  It feels like unearthing a secret.  Tasting new things is a passion of mine, and the flavors this neck of the woods has to offer seems to be endless.

jewel weed salve  (the plants nick name is also “touch me not”)


seed pods are starting to plump up… these are a good trail snack with the flavor of walnuts and appealing to eat~ they explode!


more berries


bee balm bread


What an adventure for a child to seek out something wild and pop it into their mouth unabashedly!  

IMG_5270 IMG_5257

In addition to my cute tow heads, the little folk pictured are friends we have made that live just down the lane…  you can read more from her over at….  Next up on the menu is sumac-ade….  The fuzzy little clusters look just too good to not try!

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