a weekend refresher

This crisp cold morning air the past few days has reminded me with an intensity of the days of my childhood.  Sticking my hand outside a rolled down window feeling the last bit of weather shoot up my arm feels exactly like my days growing up in Rhode Island.  The cold air in the south, the west and middle america are on the same currents and the same jet streams and weather patterns, and surely I am breathing in the same oxygen, but this leaf blowing fall breezy air is feels different.  It feels like it’s partly mine.


This last weekend, a quick trip to Ascutney State Park, to run free in the autumn air until our hearts content, was precisely the thing our family needed.  Long days of daddy working, birthday excitement, library trips gone bad, well… they left us a bit weary, a little bit defeated.  With a busy month ahead of us it was a necessity to have three days to do no chores, to pay no bills, to have no papers due.  To be only a family.  Cuddling in “the coziest tent in the world”, as my Miles likes to tell all he see’s, taking our sweet time on long drawn out hikes, and cooking delicious meals over a hearty fire, these things brought us back.

IMG_5960 IMG_5933 IMG_5894 IMG_5899 IMG_5868 IMG_5968between my amazing footwear w/socks and miles we were definitely the most stylin’ folks on the mountain
IMG_5880(It’s really hard to have a campfire when there is a fireman around who keeps putting them out)
IMG_5863 IMG_5895 IMG_5838 IMG_5836

And oh yes, it’s good to be back.

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