Finding Adventure; The Path of Life Garden

The Path of Life Garden

IMG_6009 IMG_6014

I was very surprised and delighted to see how truly moving this experience was.  Chasing after my frolicking children through acres and acres of carved out land set in scultpures representing different stages of life, I couldn’t help but notice, this is precisely how it can feel.  Like a chase.

IMG_6024 IMG_6043 IMG_6048

That is if you let it.  

I love the view of the world as a new comer.  The last four years (well 10 if we are really counting) have been marked in change in location and this has thoroughly heightened my ability to seek out the new and exciting spots an area has to offer.  And now, having two inquisitive little boys and a sweet giant of a man to join me on adventures, it makes it that much more worthwhile.


IMG_6047 IMG_6071 IMG_6073

With these boys around, no leaf gets left unturned, no insect left un-inspected, no question left unasked, imaginations are nurtured, and no time is ever wasted.  We run at a break neck speed, or we lounge for what feels like an eternity.  These boys just do what feels right to them, and I like that.  I am taking notice, and I am trying to follow suit.


my teachers

IMG_6032 IMG_6077

If you are anywhere near, Windsor Vermont, I have to say this is a must visit.  In addition to Harpoon Brewery (which is a day in itself) there is killer wood fired pizza, amazing cheeses, maple syrup, soaps, and other gifts for sale, Simon Pierce glass shop, boat rentals and plenty of room to roam.


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