autumn days at last

Autumn holidays all point to gratefulness and giving thanks.  It seems likely they associate with such a feeling purely because of the glory of the colors and the gusty wind and the feeling of coming alive after a summer of sweat and humidity and dips in cool water where the days are so long it feels like the season could never end.   But it does.  Slowly at first, so gentle you hardly take notice, and then all of a sudden youre stacked with thick warm wool and your cheeks are red and chapped and you’re crunching on a fresh red apple enjoying the last of the suns’ gifts for the season.

I am grateful.

IMG_6498 IMG_6509 IMG_6512 IMG_6514

Last night we gathered around the campfire to celebrate as the sun was fading and give thanks for our surroundings.  The night was planning to be exactly equal to the day in length, and likely as soothing and comforting too.  We had just wrapped up a weekend of old friends and new babies and joy beyond compare.  Apples and home-brewed beers and hearty soups gratefully prepared with well cared for animals as main ingredients, oh yes, we were living the good life.  They say one of the keys to happiness is to surround yourself with happy people.  I can be quite certain we achieved this over the last three days.  And what they say is true.  Just the presence of my childhood friends sitting in my living room, some of the happiest people I have known, filled me with such a light I had to fight tears all weekend long.  (Truly, I am a sap.)

IMG_6474 IMG_6472 IMG_6465

A few marshmallows later, we let the licking flames fade to golden embers as we told these autumn tales around the fire.  My three boys lied in a heap staring at the treetops and mountain tops and flickering bats and the fading fire while I leaned my back against a bucket of firewood and took it all in.  The cold air mixed with the warm fire and my eyes closed to give me room to fill my body with more breath.  These days are so good.

IMG_6490 IMG_6521 IMG_6492 IMG_6524

Autumn is certainly one of the most magical seasons with all its color and anticipation.  And for that I am grateful.  Happy Equinox!

2 thoughts on “autumn days at last

  1. Ri, what a truly, truly, truly special weekend. Thank you for having the most amazing energy and for being such a dear friend. I love you.

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