charitable knitting

My first charitable knitting project is complete!  The only cables I have knitted up until this point have been little owl mittens for my sweet niece.  After this project -though I feel ready to knit cables of any shape and size- I know my days are too hectic and my brain is too fried to attempt another for sometime (and still enjoy knitting too).  So, I have cast of this little number and started a nice garter stitch and ladder stitch scarf for Lee.  Ahh…. my brain is resting up for a more complicated pattern, I can feel it.

A grandma somewhere far away who has lost a child and is caring for her grandkids alone will be wearing this cowl someday soon.  My group is intending on knitting 100 before the holidays.  I wish I could say I would be contributing more than 1!!

IMG_6616 IMG_6618

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