The rising tides of the government shutdown

Sometimes I want to put a veil over my eyes and just pretend all is well with the world…

IMG_6743 IMG_6740 IMG_6737 IMG_6733

It is easy to do here.

Without the worry of where our next paycheck will come from.

Not all that long ago, we lived within the lingering fear of government shutdown.  It gave me anxiety.  It kept me up at night.  It filled me with stress when all I wanted was live a simple life.  It felt so incredibly unfair; To take working days away from capable willing hands to appease the stubborn.  We were targets for injustice, just like so many still are.  My husband and I decided to take on more student loans for a chance to escape.  Job security was always the draw to a government job.  It was comforting.  But, now as we all know, it is quite the opposite.  So we got out.

This conflict between parties feels not unlike an argument between my children.  But even in their inexperience, they know when to hold their tongue, put their past troubles behind them, and lend a helping hand.

IMG_6720I sit here and watch my friends fill with worry.  I expected my fear to dissipate, but it hasn’t.  800,000 people and their families livelihood is being used as a tool for blackmail.   I will write a letter.  Not to old Bernie, who has got my back, I can be sure of this.  But to Mr. Isakson: My former residence’s boulder in the road.  I don’t what else to do.  Little hands and feet and hardworking mama’s and papa’s are at risk.  This is no solution.  It’s only a way to further churn the waters.


What will you do? (I am taking all suggestions)

One thought on “The rising tides of the government shutdown

  1. Good for you for blogging it and for writing a letter. I’ve just been sitting here mad. I’ll try and do the same- I just keep feeling like someone is finally going to put the right words together so that the stubborn people will listen and hear what the people are saying. Maybe it will be you!

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