preserving leaves

The easiest and most pleasurable way to preserve the color of fall is with beeswax!  I found my beeswax at a farmers market.  When you buy it unfiltered in bulk it is very inexpensive.  You will not be lacking in projects that require beeswax either.. think salve, lip balm, candles, and so much more!  Use a double boiler to heat it up, preferably a second hand one, for it will forever be the beeswax pot.  Wax is no easy task to remove.  Once it is good and melted bring it outside, gather up the most spectacular leaves you can find and dip!

IMG_7116 IMG_7117 IMG_7120 IMG_7122

One dip is all that is necessary, any more and it’s too thick for the colors to shine through.  There are many ways you can display your leaves.  We made a mobile and intend on making a wreath as well.  A few grape vine wreathes and a few yards of yarn is all that you need!



It was a lovely fall day!

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